How to Choose the Right Weapon on Puppet Wars?

Answer You can't decide between different guns and you are about to run out of time. This will show you how to choose your gun. Note this is for ipod touch.

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How to Make Money on Puppet Wars?

You see that awesome weapon and the price is, WHAT! This will show you how to make money on Puppet Wars. Note this method is for iPod touch.

Of these 3 final fantasy bosses who is the hardest omega weapon emerald weapon or ruby weapon?

Out of these three Ruby weapon is definitely the hardest. Emerald weapon is fairly difficult but is susceptible to the "Lucky Sevens" status which can take away about half of his HP right off the b... Read More »

How to Choose an Airsoft Weapon?

Choosing the proper Airsoft weapon for your experience level and playing environment can mean the difference between winning or losing. You do not want to show up on the game field and realize you ... Read More »

How to Choose a Weapon in Halo 3?

Different weapons have different uses for different situations. Here is a list of weapons to choose from and tips on how to use them.