How to Choose the Right Tires?

Answer Selecting the perfect tires for your automobile is an extremely important, and often overlooked, decision. Your car's tires are what holds your car to the road and can affect your vehicle's perform... Read More »

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How to Choose Tires for Your Car?

Choosing tires for your car can get confusing if you want to upgrade to an alternate tire size and performance. A rule of thumb with most reputable tire dealers is that you should never go down in ... Read More »

How to Choose Replacement Motorcycle Tires?

Motorcycle tires wear out more quickly than car tires, due to the generally higher-performance characteristics of bikes and driver behavior. Motorcycle tires suffer more severe stress through corne... Read More »

Can you replace truck tires with load-rated tires?

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all car and truck tires sold have a load rating. Replacement tires on a truck should have a load rating equal to or greater than the original equ... Read More »

My tires are kind of cuppin or in another word i have wear tires?

It isnt a balance. They are probably not BS'ing you. Shocks cause uneven wear in tires and a balance would help the problem not fix it.Remember your shocks need changing every 90k