How to Choose the Right Stall Torque Converter?

Answer Torque converters are more than just simple fluid clutches that allow your engine to idle; these devices are actually a case study in complex function resting upon an elegantly simple design. Torqu... Read More »

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Selecting the Right Stall Speed on a Torque Converter?

Teachers often employ cross-curricular approaches to inbed lessons in students' minds. These activities are wide-reaching and allow teachers to collaborate across disciplines to provide students wi... Read More »

What is a torque converter stall?

Torque converters can best be understood by thinking of them as a flexible linkage between the engine and transmission. These couplers use fluid pressure to allow an engine to idle until it reaches... Read More »

What is a torque converter stall speed?

A torque converter's main job is to allow the engine to idle below a certain rpm without engaging the transmission. The rpm at which this happens is called the "stall speed" and can have a huge im... Read More »

Stall Speed Specifications of a Torque Converter?

Automatic transmissions do not simply connect the engine to the drivetrain through a series of gears. The actual power output of the engine is first transmitted through a torque converter before be... Read More »