How to Choose the Right Outdoor Fountain?

Answer Outdoor fountains have graced gardens for millennia, from back when they depended on the natural gravitational flow of water. When exotic flowers and plants just aren’t enough, nothing can bolste... Read More »

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How to Make an Outdoor Fountain?

Made with industrial mixer hook, conduit and chainWould you like to add the relaxing sound of running water to your home or garden without spending hundreds of dollars? This guide will teach you th... Read More »

Homemade Outdoor Fountain?

Water fountains can add music, color and dimension to your outdoor living space. Homemade water fountains are not difficult to make if you have the right materials. Any water-tight container with a... Read More »

Can I put a goldfish in an outdoor fountain?

Goldfish can easily adapt to many environments. They are a descendant of the Crucian carp, a fish known for its ability to survive in cold climates. Goldfish will thrive best in spacious freshwat... Read More »

How do you keep water from drying up in an outdoor fountain?

A nearby pool holds 30,000 gallons. The pool has been filled with 19,500 gallons of water. If the variable w stands for the amount of additional water the pool can hold, which of the following woul... Read More »