How to Choose the Right Bag Size?

Answer Most people are aware that there are restrictions on bag sizes for taking into airplane and other transportation cabins or carriages. Fewer people are aware that from a fashion perspective, there a... Read More »

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How to Choose the Right Size for an Attic Fan & Size for a Roof?

Without an attic fan to keep the air circulating, hot air gets trapped in the attic, which can lead to heat backing up in the home and higher air conditioning costs. An attic fan is rated by the nu... Read More »

How to Choose the Size of an LCD TV?

LCD TVs are slimmer and use newer technology to bring better quality pictures and audio compared to the older Cathode Ray Tube TVs. To get the best viewing experience out of your LCD TV, you must s... Read More »

How do I choose a rug size?

AreaEvaluate the rug's purpose. Generally, rugs 4 by 6 feet or smaller accentuate furnishings, and rugs 5 by 8 feet or larger cover a dining or living area. To make a room appear larger, leave a bo... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Size Basketball for You?

Choosing the right basketball can improve the way you shoot too. If the ball doesn't fit in the palm of your hand, you won't be able to shoot as far!