How to Choose the Perfect Makeup For Any Complexion (Just About)?

Answer Hair, skin, nails and fashion can work together to give you a look that is glamorous and sophisticated, but the perfect makeup can really complete your outfit. The right shade and style of makeup c... Read More »

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How to Choose the Right Makeup Colors for your Complexion?

If you ever catch a glimpse of your reflection and wonder who that streaky, blotchy face is staring back at you, you're probably wearing all the wrong makeup. The foundation and blush may have look... Read More »

How to Maintain a Perfect Complexion?

Even people with the best-maintained, healthiest skin face skin problems from time to time. Also, skin can change as a person gets older, and what may have once worked for their complexion may not ... Read More »

How to get a Better Complexion Without Makeup?

While many women use makeup to cover flaws in their complexion, wearing too much makeup can actually worsen your skin's condition. Heavy, non-mineral foundation can clog pores, and greasy or oily c... Read More »

How to Use Makeup for a Flawless Complexion?

Zits, dark circles, redness, unevenness... all of these problems affect most of us sometimes. While a good skin cleaning regimen is essential to achieve a flawless complexion, there are some days w... Read More »