How to Choose an Online Roleplaying Game?

Answer World of Warcraft, Guildwars, Runescape, Adventure Quest! So many to pick. How do you get through the duds and into the gold? Just follow this guide to find the right one for you.

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How to Choose a Character to Play in a Roleplaying Game?

Wood Elf and FriendThis is one way of choosing a character in a Role Playing Game

How to Find a Good Free Online Roleplaying Game?

Do the names Everquest sound familiar to you but you don't feel like paying $11 to $25 a month for a subscription? There's a lot of free alternatives out there to try. You've just got to know what ... Read More »

How to Do the Original Roleplaying Online?

This is the original role-playing way. It seems that role-playing has gone down the drain cause too many people think that role-playing is about sex. Well, for one, role-playing can involve sex in ... Read More »

How to Play a Roleplaying Game?

Roleplaying is not unlike writing a book as you go along. You'll start with numbers on a page, and if everything goes well, you and your colleagues will end up with an unforgettable experience.