How to Choose an Infant Day Care?

Answer There are many benefits to putting an infant in day care when both parents return to work. They learn socialization skills early, and there is plenty of time to play and learn throughout the day. D... Read More »

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Infant Trach Care?

Parents of an infant who has a tracheostomy require specific education to teach them how to care for their baby. Infant trach care can be daunting at first, but with the proper knowledge, parents c... Read More »

Infant Cord Care?

Newborns require special care, and one of the many things new parents must monitor is the umbilical cord site. Caring for an infant's umbilical cord is important, but it is also a relatively simple... Read More »

How much is infant care?

Infant care comes in several options and price ranges that vary by type and regional location. Each has merits and disadvantages. No one type of childcare will meet every family's needs.NannyThe ... Read More »

Infant Activities for Day Care?

With all that infant day-care providers do to keep their charges content, it can be easy to overlook the importance of playing with each infant. Incorporating some activities into your day-care rou... Read More »