How to Choose a Women's Headband?

Answer A headband can be the best item that you have for your hair. It can be worn when you’re having a good hair day, a bad hair day or when you just want a little extra something to pull your whole ou... Read More »

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How to Choose a Sophisticated Headband?

Headbands are a very practical hair accessory, but picking out the right headband for a sophisticated look can prove difficult. Many cute styles may look girlish or playful. While these looks work ... Read More »

What do the womens bathroom look like?

Cleaner (generally) than the men's.Although I've never seen a pile of feces behind a men's room toilet, whereas I have in the women's when I was bussing in a restaurant.Oh, and the urinals are repl... Read More »

Womens' Bob Hairstyles?

Women's bob hairstyles come in a variety of forms, from classic and conservative to modern and choppy. A bob's length can range from just below the shoulders to above the jaw, with or without a fri... Read More »

How big should womens feet be?

Well I am 27 and a size 5, size 6 is a small size as well. Statistically size 7 is an average size foot for a woman however think about it this way if you see a woman who is 6 feet tall with a size... Read More »