How to Choose a Wire Cooling Rack for Baking?

Answer Wire cooling (baking) racks are an important addition to the baker's "batterie de cuisine" (essential cooking equipment). Without these, you will experience soggier, moister baked items if these ar... Read More »

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How to Find a Substitute for a Wire Cooling Rack (Baking)?

Keen to do some baking but you've found the wire cooling rack is broken, missing, or you've never managed to get around to buying one? Replacing it with the following suggested alternatives should ... Read More »

Can someone tell me which rack is use for baking cake, muffin, cookies etc lower, middle or upper rack?

What Is a cooling rack?

Bakers place hot baked goods on a cooling rack after removing them from the oven to improve air circulation. The rack allows cookies or buns to cool evenly on all sides.Source:Bakeware House: Bakew... Read More »

Where should an oven rack be when baking a cake?

You should place a wire rack in the center of the oven to bake a cake. This will allow for even heat distribution, so that the cake does cook unevenly.Source:Great Recipes: Cake Baking Tips