How to Choose a Wine to Cook With?

Answer Wine is an indispensable ingredient in many chefs' and home cooks' arsenals. Wines of all types can add a number of different elements to a dish. They can provide a bright acidity, a palate-cleansi... Read More »

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What is a good white wine to cook with?

It really depends on the flavor you wish to achieve. I've pasted a website below that has many recipes using different white wines. As we used to say at the winery I worked in for three years, "Let... Read More »

With my win kit i got one of those wine store bags with a tap is this suitable to mature wine in or should i u?

Bottles all the way, you can ispect the color and such a lot easier and grass doesn't leach anything, they are reuseable and look good when you bust one out, just remember to store them in a dark p... Read More »

How to Choose Wine?

Picking out a bottle of wine or ordering wine at a restaurant seems like it should be a simple process, but it often isn't. Beyond the basic question of red or white, you need to choose the type of... Read More »

How to Choose Ice Wine?

Ice wine was accidentally discovered by the Germans over 200 years ago when the grapes froze on the vine. Deciding to try and make wine anyway resulted in a sweet and concentrated wine. The process... Read More »