How to Choose a Transcription Services Vendor?

Answer Using a professional to transcribe your recorded audio files can greatly reduce the time it takes to prepare the data for analysis for research and other purposes. By considering your resources and... Read More »

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What is the purpose of transcription services?

Transcription is the process of rendering recorded speech into written text. A transcription service allows people who must produce letters, memos, reports and other written material to work quick... Read More »

How to Provide Transcription Services?

Transcribing text, usually for medical or legal firms, can be done either on site with an employer, or at home as a self-employed contractor. Lawyers and private firms will make audio recordings of... Read More »

How to Choose a Broadband Wireless Vendor?

Choosing the right broadband vendor can make the difference between a pleasant experience and one full of problems. Vendors have several methods for delivering broadband services including WiFi, fi... Read More »

How to Choose a Medical Transcription Company?

This article will explain the important questions to ask when choosing a medical transcription company