How to Choose a Tobacco Pipe?

Answer If you have decided to start smoking a pipe, you will be one of millions of pipe smokers. Notable pipe smokers include Mark Twain, Gerald Ford, and Neil Armstrong. With a wide variety in styles, fi... Read More »

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What is a tobacco pipe?

A tobacco pipe is a device used to smoke tobacco leaves. Generally, the tobacco pipe has a bowl on one end. The bowl is where the tobacco is placed. Connected to the bowl in some fashion is a ho... Read More »

How old must one be to purchase a tobacco pipe?

The law governing the purchase of tobacco paraphernalia--such as a pipe--is the same as that concerning the purchase of tobacco itself. A person must be 18 years old or older to purchase a tobacco ... Read More »

Who has tried Largo Pipe Tobacco?

Its not pipe tobacco, its cigarette tobacco labeled as pipe tobacco to avoid the higher taxes on roll your own cigarette tobacco. If you truly smoke a pipe, skip this crap.

Marijuana tobacco pipe name?