How to Choose a Tablet Computer?

Answer Typing on the Apple iPad, one of the most popular tablet computers to date.Tablet computers have existed for a number of years, but only recently have they become a mainstream product and even a ho... Read More »

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What is a tablet computer?

A tablet computer is a portable computer with a touch screen. The person using the tablet computer uses a finger or a digital pen, called a stylus, to perform tasks on the computer.Source:Tablet PC... Read More »

What tablet computer should I buy?

What are the benefits of a tablet computer in k-12?

Tablet PCs benefit students by providing flexible, portable technology. K-12 students develop literacy, critical thinking and interactive skills. Teachers benefit from novel ways of presenting cont... Read More »

Tablet that has speed like personal computer?

There are many tablet nowadays, from Apple's Ipad to Google's Android tablet. But there are also so many tablets that is like Ipad but is very cheap. Just surf the internet and you can find it.