How to Choose a Soil Amendment?

Answer Gardeners everywhere seek to create the perfect growing environment for their plants and vegetables by learning how to choose a soil amendment. With the many different soil amendment choices out th... Read More »

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Is peat moss a good soil amendment?

On One Hand: Peat Moss BenefitsPeat moss improves drainage in heavy soils by allowing more air to enter; meanwhile, it helps light, sandy soils retain more water due to its ability to absorb as muc... Read More »

How to Choose Plant Soil?

Whether you have potted indoor plants or an outdoor container garden, soil selection is critical to plant health. Choose the best soil to provide your plants with the right amount of drainage, soil... Read More »

How do I Choose a Potting Soil From Miracle Grow?

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company manufactures its flagship Miracle-Gro potting and garden soil products targeted for a range of uses. The key determinant is whether you will be planting in containers... Read More »

Im buying a condo as a forcloser from Wells Fargo bank im in cntract the pres of board says it fraud he wants to buy it in the amendment it says they have first dibs amendment is from 1965?

The governing documents may dictate who can purchase the unit. You may need a condominium-savvy attorney to help you interpret the documents.