How to Choose a Self Defense Class?

Answer Concerned about defending yourself? Not feeling confident when you're traveling alone? Why not try self-defense classes? They can be an enjoyable way to learn to protect yourself and boost confidence.

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Colorado Self Defense Law?

According to the Colorado Revised Statutes in Title 18 of the Criminal Code, it is recognized that a Colorado citizen has the right to expect safety within their homes. This law, called the "Make M... Read More »

How to Use the Whip Arm in Self-Defense?

A whip arm is a useful self-defense tool in certain situations because it approaches an opponent at a different angle and trajectory than a traditional punch or kick. The technique is similar to a ... Read More »

Self Defense Instructor Certification?

There is no centralized authority that grants self defense instructor certification in the U.S., nor is there an accrediting institution that oversees those that train instructors. This means that ... Read More »

Military Self-Defense Training?

Martial arts training offers a number of benefits for its users. Practitioners gain such benefits as improved strength, cardiovascular health and better mental focus. This training also benefits mi... Read More »