How to Choose a Safety Razor?

Answer One of the first hurdles that one has to overcome after making the decision to take up traditional shaving is to choose the correct razor. While the range of different double-edge safety razors pro... Read More »

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What Is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor exposes only one edge of the razor for shaving. Prior to the safety razor, the lone shaving option was the straight razor, which required more skill and posed a greater risk of injury.

Razor Blade Safety?

We use razor blades everyday for a number of simple tasks, but we often forget about the dangers involved with them. Implementing common sense and safety when using them can prevent accidents and i... Read More »

How to Care for Your Safety Razor?

Safety razors originated in the 19th century. Despite the overwhelming popularity of multiple blade razors, safety razors retain a cult-like following of collectors and users. Dedicated users argue... Read More »

How to Select a Safety Razor?

After years of playing second fiddle to disposable plastic razors, safety razors are growing in popularity as men discover the smooth, luxurious shaving experience that these razors offer. Safety r... Read More »