How to Choose a Reed for a Clarinet?

Answer While every part of the clarinet has its own purpose in producing a good sound, perhaps the most important piece is the two-and-a-half inch long, wafer-thin piece of cane called the reed. Reeds com... Read More »

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How to Put a Reed on a Clarinet?

Before you can play the clarinet, you have to put a reed on it. The reed is the second most important factor in producing a sound on the clarinet, second only to you, the player. Putting a reed ont... Read More »

How to Evaluate a Clarinet Reed?

An unfortunate fact of life is that not all clarinet reeds in a package play well. In fact, most ten-reed packages are half-filled with duds. Isn't it a pain when you use a new reed for a concert o... Read More »

How to Extend the Life of a Clarinet Reed?

Through all of your years playing the clarinet, you will inevitably go through a lot of expensive stuff. You may own several clarinets, each costing at least a thousand dollars, and you'll spend an... Read More »

What is the plant used to make a clarinet reed?

Clarinet reeds are made from a plant called Arundo Donax, which is often referred to simply as "reed grass". The plant is much like bamboo. It can grow to heights over 15 feet and is often allowed ... Read More »