How to Choose a Really Good Nursing Home?

Answer An excellent question. It's a terribly difficult decision to make and often, one feels guilty. Empower yourself and your family. Choosing the best nursing home takes time and research.

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How do I Give Good Skin Care to a Nursing Home Patient?

Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) help nursing home residents with normal activities of daily living. One of these is regular skin care---especially important when dealing with residents in a nursing fa... Read More »

How do I deal with a nursing home where my mom is not getting good care?

have you talked to the people who manage or run this nursing home? if not maybe you should talk to them and if that doesnt help you could go to your local newspaper and complain places like that ha... Read More »

What are the duties of a director of nursing in a nursing home?

Nursing homes require a director of nursing to supervise the nurses on staff, work with administrators and implement programming. The director of nursing is also involved in the long-term planning ... Read More »