How to Choose a Pet Water Dragon?

Answer Chinese (Or the less popular Australian) Water Dragons are an advanced reptile when it comes to keeping reptiles. They require more care than Leopard Geckos or Bearded Dragons and require a larger ... Read More »

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DIY Water Dragon Enclosures?

Chinese water dragons are some of herpetology's most interesting animals. Water dragons are enormously popular in the pet trade, mostly due to their disposition and ease of care. For someone who is... Read More »

How to Teach a Bearded Dragon to Drink from a Water Bowl?

Bearded Dragons can be very difficult when it comes to drinking. Reptile stores often tell the new owners to use a Mister to spray the bearded dragon, and let them lick the droplets. However it is ... Read More »

How to Upgrage Your Dragon's Health & Mana in "Dragon Fable"?

"DragonFable" is an online role-playing game that revolves around your efforts to raise a dragon from delicate egg to powerful ally. After completing the relatively difficult tasks of tracking down... Read More »

How to Make a Zombie Dragon at Dragon Cave?

Adult ZombieDragon Cave is a tough game to get to some people, what with the millions and millions of species for you to raise. This is a guide to get a rare dragon called the zombie (sometimes cal... Read More »