How to Choose a Pair of Studs when You First Get Your Ears Pierced?

Answer So you are getting your ears pierced, how exciting! But there is one thing - the earrings. You will have to choose your very first pair of earrings that you will wear for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Re... Read More »

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Help with getting my ears pierced?

They won't fall out, when I first got mine done the backs were very tight and secure. If they do fall out I'd be very surprised! Also I think the chlorine might help them in a way! Have fun swimmin... Read More »

How to Have Fun Getting Your Ears Pierced?

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Do you need an id to get your ears pierced?

The law requires professional body piercers to copy your identification onto a release form that you read and sign once you agree to the terms. If you are under 18, one of your parents will also be... Read More »

Should i get my ears pierced?

Baaad idea Wallace buddy. If you're looking into getting a future career that makes you money (enough to keep you middle class or above) than getting your ears pierced will definitely effect your c... Read More »