How to Choose a Humidor?

Answer My Humidor, When it was brand new.Choosing a home for your cigars should be done with as much care as choosing a home, for yourself or your family. At this point you enjoy these wonderfully wrapped... Read More »

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Where should my humidor be set?

If your humidor is well constructed, you can place it anywhere. However, keep in mind that the humidor should be maintained at 70-percent humidity in order to keep cigars in perfect condition. As l... Read More »

How to Seal a Humidor?

Cigar enthusiasts know that part of enjoying fine cigars involves properly storing them until ready for use. Cigars are typically stored in a humidor where the relative humidity (rh) is maintained ... Read More »

I just bought a humidor... Help?

Two or three days, a week if you want to be sure.Just make sure you don't wipe down the wood as I find it can sometimes warp.

How to Season a New Humidor?

Once you purchase your new humidor, you should take some time to season the interior of it. Seasoning the interior usually takes eight days and is an integral step in taking care of your expensive... Read More »