How to Choose a Healthy Puppy?

Answer When choosing a puppy, it is really important to examine your puppy from head to toe, to make sure he is bright and healthy.

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How to Choose a Puppy?

The dog has always been called the man's best friend. The two have lived and worked together for thousands of years. In lots of ways, dogs are like people-they enjoy company, they can communicate h... Read More »

How to Choose a Lowchen Puppy?

This is an ancient breed of dog, which is probably related to the small barbets or water spaniels, as well as the Bichon family. They're adorable dogs although they can be strong-willed.

How to Choose a Puppy by Temperament?

Though most dog breeds are commonly known to have certain disposition characteristics, testing a puppy's temperament is a better indicator as to whether he'll grow up to be a responsive, nervous, a... Read More »

How to Choose a Yorkie Puppy?

Yorkshire Terriers originated in Scotland as a larger breed of dog called the Skye Terrier. Scottish weavers brought Skye Terriers to Yorkshire, England, where they were bred with Waterside Terrier... Read More »