How to Choose a Good Pair of Sewing Scissors?

Answer A good pair of sewing scissors is a pleasure to use. A bad pair of sewing scissors is miserable and ineffective. Scissors are fundamental to sewing, so take the time to get the good kind.

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How do I sharpen a pair of scissors?

Sharpening StoneUse an aluminum oxide bench stone to sharpen your scissors. Aluminum oxide bench stones contain a coarse texture on one side and a finer texture on the other. These stones are readi... Read More »

How to Sharpen a Knife With a Pair of Scissors?

Sharpening a knife usually requires a whetstone, some oil, and quite a bit of elbow grease to put a proper edge on the blade. If, however, you do not have the required materials, time or simply wan... Read More »

I accidentally swallowed a pair of scissors..?

You need to swallow a rock. Rock beats scissors.

I was using a pair of scissors an now my thumb is numb?

Yeah that used to happen to Me when I was cutting out bodyshells for radio-controlled cars, it'll pass.