How to Choose a Friend?

Answer Some people have known their best friends for YEARS, and eventually question themselves; Did I make the right decision? Is my friend even my friend? Are we growing apart? Here's an article which wi... Read More »

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Can a 14 year old choose to live with a friend?

No. A 14 year old is a child and subject to the rule of their parents.

If you could have a celebrity for your best friend, who would you choose?

I'd pick either the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, or Selena Gomez. I'd pick the Jonas Brothers, because they seem like they'd be really fun to hang out with. I'd love to see how they write songs, an... Read More »

If you had to choose between a hotdog, hamburger or hotwings what would you choose and why would you choose it?

Though i don't agree with how the chicken is slaughtered and what it goes through to end up in front of me. i Love chicken, chicken wings would be my absolute favorite. when chicken wings aren't av... Read More »

My friend recently had a Concussion, but he doesn't remember anything, even me (Best Friend)?

I'm nooo doctor at all but I do know some things about the brain. It certainly is unpredictable and his concussion was definitely a bit more severe than others of he can't remember things. Honestly... Read More »