How to Choose a Fire Extinguisher For the Home?

Answer A fire extinguisher is an important safety item that every home should have. When used properly, it can mitigate or even avert a disaster. Choosing one is simple once you understand the different t... Read More »

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Do you keep a fire extinguisher in your home Do you know how to use it?

Yes, I've always had one. (I check it every year to make sure that it's still good). Fortunately, I've never had to use it.

Fire Extinguisher Science Fair Projects at Home?

Fire extinguishers are a common example of science at work in our everyday lives, and this familiar lifesaving tool can be put to use for science fair projects that demonstrate principles of chemis... Read More »

Is a CO2 fire extinguisher good for home defence (self defence)?

Yes it would freeze their face, but would be costly to refill, also make sure its had its 10 year pressure test and annual service to ensure it would work correctly in case of emergency

What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire?

Only a class B fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire. Household and auto extinguishers usually have a B-C rating. Some are A-B-C rated. Never spray water on a gasoline fire.Fire Exti... Read More »