How to Choose a Fence Wood Type?

Answer Fences offer security, privacy and aesthetic value to your property. There are many materials to choose from. Metal fences are popular and functional; wood fences tend to be more warm and inviting.... Read More »

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How to Choose Wood for a Fence?

When you decide to put up a fence on your property, the first decision you will make is what material to use for the fence. The low maintenance needs of plastic and vinyl fences might seem attracti... Read More »

How do I attach a wood fence to a chain link fence?

Attach With Standard Fence ComponentsAttach a chain link fence to a wooden fence by attaching the chain link fence to one of the wooden fence posts. Use a round or a square wooden fence post. The p... Read More »

How far apart should fence posts be set on a 6'wood fence?

When installing a 6 foot wood fence, the posts should be installed 6 feet apart to insure the stability of the fence. Setting at least the end and corner posts in concrete will ensure durability.Re... Read More »

Comparison of Fir & Cedar Wood for a Wood Fence?

Wood fences are exposed to both hot and cold weather, are regularly wet and come in contact with the ground. These conditions encourage decay and insect attack in most woods, making them unsuitable... Read More »