How to Choose a Faucet Mounted Water Filter?

Answer Tap water can contain a variety of contaminates, and some consumers filter them out by using a water filter. There are a number of water filter types available to consumers. Carafe filters don't re... Read More »

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How do i install a water filter on any faucet?

There are two basic types of faucet water filters: those that filter the water before it flows through the faucet and those that filter the water afterward. Post-faucet filters often attach to the ... Read More »

Instructions for a Pur Water Filter Faucet Installation?

PUR filtration is a well-known brand name in the water purifying market. PUR offers many different products from refrigerator dispensers, and water pitchers to water faucet systems. The faucet syst... Read More »

How to Replace a Pur Water Filter on a Horizontal Faucet Mount?

Pur is a part of Procter & Gamble that produces water filter faucet mounts, side taps, coolers, pitchers, and coolers and filtration systems for Kenmore refrigerators. Pur was created by, and its o... Read More »

How to Choose a Home Water Filter?

As concerns over tap water quality continue to grow, manufacturers throughout the country have introduced alternative drinking water products to the market. Water filters are some of the newest, mo... Read More »