How to Choose a Chart Style in Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel provides a variety of charts for you to insert in your Excel spreadsheets. By inserting a chart, you can analyze and compare data by highlighting important points within the spreads... Read More »

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What Is an MS Excel Chart?

Charts and graphs make series of numbers much easier to read and understand. With Excel 2007, Microsoft improved the spreadsheet application's charting abilities both in terms of simplifying the ch... Read More »

How do I make a 3-D pie chart in Excel?

Open a new Excel spreadsheet and type some numbers into five of the cells in column B. Highlight the cells with your cursor, then click the "Chart Wizard" icon, which looks like a colorful bar grap... Read More »

How to Make a Chart in Excel for Mac?

With Excel for Mac, you can create a wide array of chart types. Displaying your data in chart form not only saves space but also makes your data more accessible to the casual viewer. Each chart typ... Read More »

How do I make a pie chart in Excel?

Enter DataOpen or create a new spreadsheet in Excel. Enter labels (names) in column A and data (numbers) in column B for the pie chart. Represent the data as either integer amounts--for example, 12... Read More »