How to Choose a Book for a Long Plane Ride?

Answer Travelling somewhere by plane, and have absolutely no idea what to do? An easy way to pass time would be to read! But not just any boring old book, a book that is interesting that you'll actually e... Read More »

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What can a minor (12-17yr old) do on a long plane ride and car ride?

I think there are a lot of things you can do, you can listen to music, watch movie and talk to others, or you can take chess to play or just reading many so many...

How to Enjoy Your Long Plane Ride?

There are many ways to get bored on an airplane, but there are many ways to have fun. Thats why you should try these steps. I really hope these steps help enjoy!

How to Prepare for a Long Plane Ride?

Ready, set, go... ready to fly!Long haul flights require more preparation than short flights, especially if you're leaving for a while or going overseas. Preparation is the key to enjoying both a c... Read More »

I'm going on a long plane ride what should i bring?

I'm pretty sure there is going to be a TV in front of your seat since it's a long distance ride. I would recommend a notebook to doodle in, maybe something that you like doing for example knitting ... Read More »