How to Choose a Baby Girl's Name?

Answer When you have a baby you want the perfect name. They are going to live with that name the rest of thier life.

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How to Choose Names for Twin Baby Girls?

If you've got twins on the way, you've got quite a bit of work to do, including coming up with two baby names! Some parents simply choose two names that they like for their children. They may prefe... Read More »

What is the difference between gerbil baby boys and baby girls?

Baby gerbils boys and girls are a bit like us humans. We all look different don't we? The boy gerbils have a larger rear end that sticks out a bit from behind where as girl gerbils have a smaller a... Read More »

Who are the girls in the Baby Baby Baby video?

stacey, hertia, ursala, jane, yasmin, kate, steve, holly, Inhotep, naomi and ian.

Is a 16 yr old girl that had a baby have to live with her mother and stepfather or can she choose to live elsewhere for a better envirher baby Smoking is one issue?

It is possible for her to emancipate herself from her parents if the situation is very bad.