How to Choose a 12 Volt Winch?

Answer If you live on a farm, need to pull stumps, have a boat, or have friends and family who seem to get stuck frequently, you could use a good winch. Winches are a lot stronger and more capable than th... Read More »

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How to Connect a 9000 Lb. Winch to a 12 Volt Battery?

A 9,000-pound winch draws considerable amperage when activated. With this in mind, the connections to the motor and the battery must be clean and secure. A loose connection in either location will ... Read More »

What happens when 240 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source or if 110-120 volt equipment is plugged into a 60 volt source assuming all alternating current?

Assuming all alternating current and all at the same or similar frequency (say, 50-60Hz), nothing much will happen on a device using a linear transformer. A linear transformer (one that is made of ... Read More »

Can I replace my 3.6 volt NiMH cordless phone battery with a 3.6 volt lithium ion b?

I belive the chargers may not be compatible.. I would stay with your current battery.... NiMh and Lithium Ion are both good batteries with no memory problems..

Can you use two 12-volt batteries wired in series with a 12-volt trolling motor?

No. Wiring in series stacks the voltage being delivered. Two 12-volt batteries in series deliver 24 volts, which causes permanent damage and a fire hazard in a 12-volt trolling motor. Wire the batt... Read More »