How to Choose Your Battles in Marriage?

Answer It is only natural for married couples to get into arguments, considering how interdependent their lives are. However, too many arguments � and over irrelevant issues � can be disruptive to the... Read More »

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Does it mean you have filed for marriage when your name appears in the public record for a marriage?

Individuals who seek to marry apply for a marriage license--a legal document authorizing the marriage. The couple completes a portion of the license before the ceremony, and the officiant signs and... Read More »

How to Choose a Marriage Counselor?

Choosing a marriage counselor is just as important as deciding to see one in the first place. It's necessary to find a counselor that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable in order for th... Read More »

How to Have Rap Battles With Your Friends?

Rap battles are a great way to pass the time. Freestyle rap is an improv form of rapping. It is done without previously composed lyrics. Freestyle rapping forces each rapper to think and respond sw... Read More »

What mermaid spell only works on full moon you can choose your color tail and you can choose your power?

Honestly, mermaids don't exist. If you want to become a mermaid your only shot is going to the costume store. Hey, at least you get to pick the color of your tail lolBTW the spell is:1. go jump i... Read More »