How to Choose Which Underwear to Wear Under Your Outfit?

Answer Do you wanna know which underwear to wear read this article.

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Do you wear underwear under board shorts?

Board shorts are a style of swimwear, typically for men but also for women, and do not require underwear to be worn with them. Most board shorts, which were made popular by surfers, have a mesh lin... Read More »

Do Scotsmen wear underwear under their kilts?

As tradition has it, Scotsmen are not supposed to wear underwear beneath their kilts, but some break tradition, especially Highland step dancers, athletes for Highland games and band leaders. A tru... Read More »

Why do guys wear their underwear under there swim suit when they go to the pool?

i've seen that alot because the waist band of the underwear is always exposed. so i'm wondering why would any one wear actual clothes while swimming? isn't that the point of swim-wear???

Which outfit should i wear?

it depends on your agei mean...its red lobster so as long as your arent wearing hooker clothes you are ok. so stay away form outfit 1 (for any occassion. even on a daily basis)i like outfit 2 if yo... Read More »