How to Choose Which Core the Application Will Run On for Windows?

Answer Do you have a Dual-Core CPU in your PC? If you don't have a Dual Core CPU, or Windows, this is no place for you. This is how to choose which core the selected App is going to run on.

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Will my pc run a ps3 eumlator my cpu 1.2THz single core 16 GB RAM windows 64bit?

Incorrect/insufficient specificationsI have an extremely strong inclination towards NO because you said SINGLE COREEDIT - Kevin brings up a good point. You have a 1.2 ghz single core with 64 bit wi... Read More »

Which motherboard will be compatable for intel core i3 2nd generation?

Intel dh61ww is the best choice.If u want to spend more then Intel dh67

Which type of computer casing and mother board will adjust with core i5 ?

Gigabyte H78 is compatible with i5 processors. You could go with a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3. It's under $140 rather than $130 but I think it'll serve you well, supports SATA 6 Gbps and USB 3.0 and is ... Read More »

A Dual Core or Quad Core Which of these would you go for?

Depends on your budget. I you can affoard it get a quad-core, for budget get a dual core.Depends what you want to do, Im using a PC with an old 2.8 celeron processor as a home recording studio bas... Read More »