How to Choose Single Coil Pickups?

Answer So, you want new pickups for your Strat- or Tele-style instrument? There's a whole world of pickup manufacturers out there. This is designed to help you choose.

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Tone Humbucker Vs. Single Coil Pickups?

A guitar pickup is essentially a magnet. The guitar string is made of magnetic metal which vibrates in the magnetic field that the guitar pickup creates to become an electrical signal. There are tw... Read More »

Can two single pickups be made into a humbucker?

Humbuckers are essentially two single-coil pickups wired together. The two pickups have different polarities. One single-coil has north magnetic polarity and the other has south magnetic polarity. ... Read More »

How to Choose Electric Guitar Pickups?

So, you want to choose pickups for an electric guitar. Whether you're looking to replace the ones you already have in your guitar, or you want to start a whole new instrument, this article should h... Read More »

How to Wire a Single Voice Coil Sub to Two OHMs?

Mono amplifiers are ideally suited for driving a single 2-ohm subwoofer. Available in single and dual coil configurations, 2-ohm subwoofers have the ability to extract slightly more power from an ... Read More »