How to Choose Perfume when You Have No Sense of Smell?

Answer When you want to buy perfume but have an impaired sense of smell, you'll need a little help.

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Do infants have a sense of smell?

Yes they do, infact they have acquired a sense of smell in the mother's womb by the 24-25th week. Babies can recognize the smell of amniotic fluid (a membrane that encloses the embryo and will fu... Read More »

Do seals have a good sense of smell?

Seals have a strong sense of smell, which allows them to know when predators, such as great white sharks or whales, are near them, according to Female seals use their sense of smel... Read More »

Does your sense of smell become keener when you're pregnant?

Answer Yes! Many, many women report finding the aromas of coffee, bacon, perfume, etc. uncomfortable. And, it certainly doesn't help the morning sickness!

Do guys even like the smell of perfume when girls wear it?

Yes well a girl smells good thats a defenite turn on no perfume has no effect at all but if a girl reeks thats a turn off for a guyHowever don't spray to much cuz i doubt guys will like italso y... Read More »