How to Choose Outfits for a Casual Lifestyle?

Answer When you want to relax but don't mind if other individuals see you, you will want to dress casual. Casual will allow you to stay comfortable when hanging out, going for walks, or dinning at modest ... Read More »

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How to Choose a Home Business That Suits Your Lifestyle?

We are all businessmen/businesswomen from the moment we take our first step into a shop. You do a business deal to buy some milk; you strike another business deal with your employer to pay you x am... Read More »

Is it too casual to wear flip-flips to an office with a casual dress code?

If the flip flops are rubber or the ones you would wear at the beach or gardening then yes to casual, but I have nice sandals that have no backs and go in between the toes that I think would be con... Read More »