How to Choose Mechanical Pencil Lead?

Answer Sure you can choose a size and hardness at random and most people are fine with doing this, but there are reasons for the different sizes and hardness. After reading this article you will be able t... Read More »

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How to Add Lead to a Mechanical Pencil?

Mechanical pencils are not difficult to add lead to. Each might have a different place to add it, but if you just check it out, you will find the area in a few minutes.

How do I put lead in a mechanical pencil?

Modern Mechanical PencilsExamine the pencil to determine any variations of lead refilling procedure; some very old mechanical pencils may vary. Pull the end off the pencil, including the eraser, an... Read More »

Some kid stabbed me with my own mechanical pencil?

make sure you wash the wound with soap and water, then keep a bandage on it to prevent infection until it is healed. The "lead" in the pencil is graphite, not really lead and it will not hurt you.... Read More »

How do I refill a mechanical pencil?

Pull off or unscrew the end cap of the pencil, depending on what type it is. If after a slight tug on the end the cap does not budge, try unscrewing it.Feed the lead into the pencil one lead stick ... Read More »