How to Choose Healthy Post Exercise Foods?

Answer So, you just finished that 4 mile run, which is the farthest you have run in a long time. You feel great! Then you head on home, open the freezer, and pick up that tub of ice cream and a spoon. Not... Read More »

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Why are low income families more likely to choose fast food over healthy foods?

Low-income families are more likely to eat fast food because of the low cost. For example, as of April 2010, McDonald's has a discount menu that offers a wide array of foods and snacks for just $1.... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy and Exercise?

Some people eat a lot of junk food, read these steps and tips to eat healthy. A healthy life style won't happen overnight. Today, there are plenty of weight-loss strategies that are guaranteed to b... Read More »

How do I get motivated to eat healthy and exercise?

Foods to avoid- Pretty much anything processed, I have cut out everything processed out of my diet and I have actually lost quite a bit of weight. Avoid things that come in boxes and cans, it is he... Read More »

How long before exercise should you eat energy foods such as bananas?

you can energy foods before, or even during a game. I think that in the super bowl, players would eat bananas during a timeout or halftime. just dont eat too much or you'll get cramps