How to Choose Healthy Cooking Oils?

Answer An important part of eating a diet that is low in fat is learning how to choose healthy cooking oils. In order to select the cooking oils that offer the best healthful benefits, you must understand... Read More »

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Is cooking sherry used just like infused cooking oils?

No. Oils and alcohols have two different functions. For example alcohols are frequently used to de-glaze a pan to start to use the burnt on goodies as the basis of a sauce or a gravy.

Are cooking&massage oils the same?

Cooking oils and massage oils are not the same. Olive, canola, peanut, palm, coconut, corn and safflower oils along with animal fats like butter are commonly used in cooking, while almond, grapesee... Read More »

Cooking Oils With Low Smell?

Oils are vital to cooking, whether you use them to sauté, fry or bake. There are so many types of cooking oil on most grocery store shelves, it is difficult to know which to buy. If you are lookin... Read More »

Different Kinds of Cooking Oils?

Cooking oil is basically purified fat that has been extracted from a plant. There are many types of cooking oils available in today's health-conscious society. Long gone are the days of frying your... Read More »