How to Choose Fixatives for Making Potpourri?

Answer Fixatives consist of a substance (natural or synthetic) that is added to a potpourri mixture to reduce the evaporation rate of the plant scents and to assist in increasing the scent of the potpourr... Read More »

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How to Choose Flowers from the Garden for Making Potpourri?

It's great fun making potpourri and it has many uses from smelling wonderful, decorative effect, to keeping away insects. If you're keen to make your own potpourri, knowing which flowers and plants... Read More »

How to Choose Fabric for Soft Toy Making?

Different fabrics have different qualities for soft toys and can impact on the durability of the toy and the enjoyment of it by the owner. This article provides some tips to consider when selecting... Read More »

How to Choose Gold Leaf for Baking or Candy Making?

Gold leaf is a specialist item for the baker or candy maker. It has some special requirements to ensure it's safe, so here are some suggestions for choosing it.

Can you use cinnamon oil on potpourri?

You can add cinnamon oil to your potpourri to prolong the fresh-smelling scent. It only takes a few drops of cinnamon oil to extend the scent by several weeks. Add cinnamon sticks to add an extra w... Read More »