How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium?

Answer Choosing fish for your freshwater aquarium can be hard. Fish are usually not what they seem, and you should never pick a fish just based on how it looks. This article will help you choose your fish... Read More »

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What do freshwater bluegill eat in an aquarium fish tank?

The freshwater bluegill fish (Lepomis macrochirus) is a carnivore with a small mouth. To feed a bluegill in captivity, choose a small fish pellet meant for carnivorous fish, such as Cichlid pellets... Read More »

How to Choose Freshwater Pet Fish?

Having freshwater pet fish requires a lot more than simply picking and choosing which fish you like the best, or which fish will match the best with your home decor. You will have to make sure each... Read More »

How to Choose Tropical Freshwater Fish?

Keeping tropical fish can be a fascinating and very rewarding hobby, and it is important to choose the right fish. Choosing tropical fish species that get along well with each other is the best ass... Read More »

How to Choose Easy Fish for an Aquarium?

When starting off as an aquarist (one who keeps live fish), you want to begin with hardy fish that will not die easily, fish that are not finicky about what they eat and pets that can live in varyi... Read More »