How to Choose Firewood Logs?

Answer Tips on choosing seasoned firewood. How to pick out good firewood and avoid poor quality material.

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How to Cut Logs for Firewood?

Sitting by a fire on a cool evening can be one of life's great little moments. But even before a match is set to kindling, the wood needs to be cut to length so that it will fit in the fire pit, ri... Read More »

How to Split Firewood Logs?

Splitting firewood is a centuries-old tradition that is carried on in many parts of the world today. There are now machines that can do most of the hard work, but to really get a feel for what it u... Read More »

How to Choose Proper Firewood?

Ironwood, rock elm, hickory, hemlock, sugar maple, white birch, spruce . . . many options are available to you when selecting wood for a fire. Some species of wood burn longer, while others burn ho... Read More »

How to Convert Deadaim Logs Into Gaim Logs?

This is a way to convert DeadAim logs into logs that Gaim understands. It is a simple file renaming process that you can automate. Gaim is now called Pidgin and can be found here