How to Choose Ductless Range Hoods?

Answer A ductless range hood, also called a recirculating range hood, is one that does not exhaust air outdoors through a duct. Instead, this type of hood draws air through a filter before circulating it ... Read More »

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Ductless Microwave Vs. Hood Over Range?

The area over the range is prime real estate in the kitchen. However, this same area has special needs, since it is an area that is filled with odors, steam, and grease from cooking. Built-in micro... Read More »

How to Calculate CFM for Range Hoods?

A range hood is a very useful tool for minimizing smoke, steam, and odors produced when cooking. The hood is mounted above your cooktop, and has a fan that pulls air through ductwork and outside yo... Read More »

How Do I Determine the CFM for Range Hoods?

FactsBase the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) on the size and type of range, size of kitchen and the way you cook. CFM is the amount of air the hood removes each minute and an indication of how well th... Read More »

Are ventless range hoods legal?

Ventless range hoods are not illegal. They recirculate exhaust air back into the room with all the odors and moisture associated with cooking. For years building codes have accepted a ventless or d... Read More »