How to Choose Cotton Fabric for a Zip-Front Bathrobe?

Answer Choosing fabrics can be fun, especially when you're planning to make a special garment. If you keep the fabrics' features in mind while you shop, you'll select one that's exactly right for the zipp... Read More »

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Difference Between Permanent Press Fabric & Cotton Fabric?

Permanent press fabrics are those that have been specially treated with chemicals to resist wrinkles and hold their shape. While cotton fabric can be chemically treated to need little ironing, it l... Read More »

How to Tell If a Fabric Is Cotton?

Cotton is a versatile natural fiber prized for its strength, softness, durability and comfort. Fifty-six percent of all garments and home furnishings in the United States contain cotton, according ... Read More »

Is cotton twill a fabric?

You create cotton twill fabrics by weaving together strands of cotton to create diagonal parallel lines resulting in a heavy, strong, tear-resistant fabric. The cotton twill family includes denim, ... Read More »

How is cotton fabric produced?

Manufacturers use cotton yarn to produce fabric that is made into shirts, dresses, pants and other garments. Manufacturers use two different processes to produce cotton fabric: weaving and knitting... Read More »