How to Choose Colors for Outdoor Signage?

Answer You can waste lots of money and countless hours designing outdoor signage to promote your message if you use colors that fade into the background or blend in with the surroundings. The color of a s... Read More »

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How do I choose outdoor house colors?

Do Your ResearchResearch the possibilities for your outdoor house colors before ever picking up a paintbrush. If you live in a historic neighborhood or belong to a homeowner's association, find out... Read More »

Outdoor Wood Stain Colors?

A new coat of stain applied to outdoor pieces breathes new life into the wood. Exterior stain colors are suitable for decks, shelves used in the garden, outdoor patio tables and many more items. Us... Read More »

Colors for Outdoor Propane Tanks?

It would seem that you can get a propane tank in any color you want, as long as it's white. Tanks are painted with a reflective white paint to avoid the absorption of heat that would occur with dar... Read More »

Which outdoor camera to choose?

If you want a nice clear driveway picture with WDR, get the Tenvis IP391W, maybe $100 more than the Tenvis IP391W. Also, they will have a version without the zoom out next month that I'm working on... Read More »