How to Choose Clip on Earrings That Won't Hurt?

Answer Not everybody likes having pierced ears, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the occasional ear dressing-up now and then. This article will help you choose clip-on earrings that won't hurt.

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How to Make Clip on Earrings Hurt Less?

If you are too scared to pierce your ears, do not want to make holes in your body, or have stubborn parents, you may decide to wear clip-on earrings. That's great, but you will find most of them hu... Read More »

Is there a place where you can turn regular earrings into clip-on earrings?

I dont know about a place that does it but I use to go to the Claires (pretty sure it was claires coulda been icing or whatever its called) in the Longview mall and buy these little things that mad... Read More »

How to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip On Earrings?

Would you like to wear pierced earrings but need clip-on earrings? Use the following tips to customize a pair of pierced earrings with this easy conversion project.

Earrings That Don't Hurt Your Ears?

Not all earrings are created equal. Some of them are made of inferior metal which can irritate your ears. Even if your earrings are of high quality, you may be sensitive to certain types of metal. ... Read More »