How to Choose Cheerleader Captains?

Answer The selection of a young woman for cheerleader captain has many consequences for both the captain herself and the team. Promotion of a dedicated cheerleader to captain can mean broadened opportunit... Read More »

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How to Choose a Cheerleader?

So the previous head cheerleader has left, and you're captain now?! When it comes to choosing someone to be on your team, it is usually very difficult. But if you follow this guide, you'll be fine.

How many captains in us navy?

Captain in the US Navy can mean two things. Commanding officers of ships, squadrons, and shore stations are known as captains. Captain is also a rank of officer (O-6) equivalent to a Colonel in th... Read More »

Who is in above a captains in the navy?

The ranks of the US Navy are: 1.Ensign 2.Lieutenant Junior Grade 3.Lieutenant 4.Lieutenant Commander 5.Commander 6.Captain 7.Rear Admiral Lower Half 8.Rear Admiral Upper Half 9.Vice Admira... Read More »

How many female Captains in the navy?

A "standard" hitch in the Navy is 4 years.