How to Choose Cats Food?

Answer A Great Choice Of Kitten FoodNutrition needs vary for kittens, adult cats and pregnant and lactating cats. Veterinarians and experts differ on whether dry or wet cat food is best, but whatever food... Read More »

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How to Choose Good Cat Food for Cats?

Cat owners face a wide array of food types, flavors, and formulas when selecting a healthy cat food. Read cat food labels carefully to choose a good food for cats. Make sure the food meets nutritio... Read More »

If you had to choose over having Greek food or Italian food, which one would it be?

I would choose Greek food becaue I'm a proud Greek male and our food "ROCKS". Our meals are tasty and diverse and our desserts are awesome. Everyone eats Greek a lot more than Italian and we are... Read More »

If I have to choose between Mongolian food or British food?

HiI would choose british food as it is what I am used too :-)Have a nice day :-)

Do owls eat cats for food?

Most owls subsist on a diet of rodents, insects and small mammals. Larger owls, such as the great horned owls, can carry over 12 lbs. and are capable of eating cats. An owl generally will not try t... Read More »